Single idar- oberstein, BERGFEX-Meteorológiai megfigyelőállomás Idar-Oberstein - Rajna-vidék-Pfalz

BERGFEX-Meteorológiai megfigyelőállomás Idar-Oberstein - Rajna-vidék-Pfalz

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Rescue Technologies and Equipment. Home Show.

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RES every 2 years Urban Equipment Fair. Architecture, baths, floor coverings, paints, insulation materials, energy technology, facades, windows, garage doors, heating, tiles, kitchens, photovoltaic, stairs, doors, heat pumps, water treatment Repairs and Refurbishment.

Finishing and Decoration Materials.

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Plumbing and Thermo Techniques. Home Security and Alarm Systems.

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Building machinery and materials. Plumbing and thermal engineering. Lighting and wiring.

Hozzáférhetőség és árak

Building and Finishing Materials. Insulation, Covering.

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Ceilings and Roofings. Sanitary Engineering Equipment. Ceramic Items.

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Glass Industry Fair. Environmental safety.

Amit kínálnak

Medical safety. Information safety.

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Fire safety. Individual safety.

Túra fotóalbuma

Special uniform. Construction machinery, equipment, mechanisms. Facing and finishing materials. Engineering network. Windows and doors. Specialized exhibition of building projects and architectural designs, new technologies and building equipment, construction and finishing materials.

Everything from design to turn-key wooden houses.

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