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Az igék -ing végz6désii alakjérél a Bizonyos igék pl.

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He dislikes washing up. Do you enjoy driving?

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They love living in a village. Thate going to the dentist. He keeps saying the sae things. Have you finished eating? Suddenly she stopped talking.

német-angol fordítás:: treffen :: szótár

I don't mind waiting. He admitted stealing the bicycle, but denied damaging it. He suggested going to the cinema. Magyarra az ilyen mondatokat fonéwel Befejezted az evest?

meet a főnévi és

Let's go swimming this afternoon. She goes dancing at weekends. T'n going shopping this afternoon. Swimming keeps you healthy. Driving can be dangerous. Planning takes time. Az «ing végz6désti alaknak lehet targya vagy hatérozéja, valamint dllhat eléite jelz6 is: Smoking cigarettes is bad for you.

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Swimming regularly keeps you healthy. Driving a car fast can be dangerous. Careful planning takes time.

Bl Egészitsik ki a mondatokat a zaréjelben megadot els6 ige jelen vagy mii idejG alakjaval 6s a masodik meet a főnévi és -ing-es alakjaval. A képek alapjan irjuk le, mit csinalt John a mult héten.

meet a főnévi és

Hasznaljuk a go igét és a megfelelé ige -ing-es alakiat. Work here.

She agreed to help us. Joe appeared to be quite satisfied. We arranged to meet at

She hates this job, T Tasseeseeeseseeeens sescsssessessese live in this town. Ihave lived here for many years. She is too lazy to go on trips.

A szürke kiemelés a formális hivatalos nyelvhasználatot jelzi. She ached to say yes, but all her instincts rebelled. We agreed to leave at midnight. We aim to care for the local communities in which we operate. The results appear to differ among species.

But Vve always? You see, I'm looking for someone who is not too tall satty: No, I'm not very tall.

My son does not know how to count.

You're a liar. A man like you always That was nice. You obviously He forgot to book the tickets. I'ni hoping to get a new bike soon. The ship managed to avoid the rocks. She pretended not to hear mre He seems to have a lot of money. They've decided to start a new company. You promised to help me. She offered to do the washing-up.

meet a főnévi és

We're planning to go away this weekend. He's trying to learn French. That táncoktatás egyetlen berlin deserved to win a prize!

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A médbeli segédigék utan az ige to néikili fénévi igenévi alakjat do, speak, see stb. Twwon't forget Where should sit? We may go by train. It might rain. Can I park here?

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I couldn't hear her. We must pay now. NEN: Heres pay. Awould rather szerkezettel azt fejezziik ki, hogy valamit szivesebben csindinénk; ez vonatkozhat a jelenre vagy a jovére, Az sszevont alak: 'd rather.

BJ Egészitsiik ki a mondatokat a zéréjelben lévé fénévi igenév megfelel6 alakjaval to-val vagy to nélkil 0 You can't smoke 1 I'm sorry I forgot 2. Smoking is not allowed in this building, --se«: phone you yesterday. I was very busy. It was an accident. By Egeszitsiik ki a mondatokat Ugy, hogy jelentésik hasonlé legyen a meet a főnévi és Iévé mondat jelentéséhez. Tean't I'm meeting some friends tonight Tve arranged Your eyes are closed but I know meet a főnévi és are not asleep.

Don't forget Perhaps we'll go out for a meal this evening. We may You said that you would lend me the money. She deserved eects Lasked him to help me but he said no. He refused Pethaps he'll phone you tomorrow. He might Tom might not. Let's listen to music.

Vd rather. Can we do something together? Do -» come with us? Yes, that sounds good. When are you planning Well, we've decided 5 promised 6 8 OK, good. I won't? We're hoping, reach the coast online társkereső statisztika lunchtime.

So, you must meet me here at 6. Have they finished painting the garage? It started raining. Hasonlitsuk dssze az aldbbi mondatokat: She likes painting. She would like to be an artist Peter hates washing up. Peter would hate to work in a restaurant. She remembers going to the bank. Aremember és forget ige utén az -ing alak a miltra utal, olyasmire, ami mar megtértént seeing that rainbow, visiting Disneyland.