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When this article was written, their car, the seventh in the Azubi Car project, was already at an advanced stage of production: work was taking place on the interior and accessories; the seductive shapes of the body were being produced in the workshop; exhausts were being tested and the students were working with experts on perfecting the seat design, for example.

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Read how participants from previous years remember their Azubi Car project. One example would be dynamic indicators at the front, which will replace the standard indicators.

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We are also working on a backlit logo on the rear. In its basic mode the logo will glow pale red.

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When you step azubi know the brake pedal, the intensity of the red will increase, fully substituting a third brake light. And when you put the car into reverse it will shine white.

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Like the members of previous Azubi Car teams, the current group agrees on one point: the hardest thing about the project is communication and looking for solutions that are acceptable to everyone.

Along with two other team members, Zamlová collects and collates the others' ideas and thoughts before presenting them to the expert mentors.

Azubi speed dating köln 2015. június

The entire team meets once a week for roughly two-hour discussions. The rest of the time they communicate remotely — the students have their own social networks group, where they discuss various steps, ideas, improvements and adjustments, even outside school hours.

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The makers of the student car can work on the concept as part of their practical coursework and can consult with their specialist teachers. Huge support from the carmaker All the students praise the cooperation they receive from the factory employeeswho give them considerable support, help them develop ideas and make recommendations.

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They helped us with 3D printing of the backlit inscription, for example: Technical Development gave us information about the dimensions of the letters and the firm supplies flört után komoly kapcsolat with azubi know to try out. What do the students value most about the project? Learning lots of new and interesting information from fields outside their specialisation.

Being able to try things azubi know firsthand, take things apart and find out how they work.

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Does the project change from year to year? Yes and no. On the other hand, every new year brings major challenges, not so much on the part of the team as with the brief, looking for an idea and executing it. But it would be very wrong to say the work takes care of itself.

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Do you still enjoy it after all these years? What do you get out of the project?

Du bist Experte für Hard- und Softwarekomponenten und kennst dich bestens mit Betriebssystemen, Netzwerkarchitekturen und Programmierlogik aus. Egal wie ausgeklügelt das System ist — du behältst die Kontrolle. Dazu gehören Computersysteme, Softwarelösungen oder auch Telefonanlagen. In der Berufsschule und im Unternehmen zeigt man dir das nötige Know-how, um die speziellen Anforderungen zu analysieren und passende informations- und telekommunikationstechnische Lösungen zu konzipieren.

Of course I enjoy it. Overseeing communication within the team so that everyone passes on all the necessary information.

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We also watch to see who plays what role in the team, and then we spend a long time deliberating and discussing which of the twenty active participants should be chosen to make the final presentation — because they all deserve it.

We have to think long and hard who to choose for which role, so that they see it as recognition of their hard work.

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They create the car together with the students. They are also the first critics, the ones who have to say: this is a good idea but that one is a dead-end.